Mr and Mrs McHughs

At RF Builders, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the house of your dreams. Sometimes that is as simple as few minor alterations to the layout of your home, and in some cases it involves a major remodelling project or extension. We enjoy both types of project, and get real satisfaction in being part of your dreams coming to life.

In the case of Mr and Mrs McHughs, it was certainly more of a remodelling project. Sometimes you need to speak to people with years’ of building experience to be able to realise what’s possible with your home, and Mr & Mrs McHughs were certainly aware that remodelling their house to create their dream home in Plymouth had the potential to be quite a challenge. However, we were confident that we could find the perfect solution.

We talked through their options with them, and we were very pleased when they decided to go ahead with our vision for their home. New windows and flooring were needed to the majority of the existing house, as well as a significant extension that would need to include three bedrooms with an ensuite, a games room, a utility room, a gym and a completely new kitchen. As always, we were up to the challenge and all the work, including the building, plastering, electrics, plumbing and decoration, as well as fitting the kitchen and bathroom, was undertaken by us. We are happy to report that the McHughs are happily settled into their revamped home.