Latest bathroom trends for 2017

Even bathrooms aren’t free from interior trends and this year’s key bathroom looks are indicating a trend towards luxury, grandeur and sophistication.

Statement baths

A free standing roll-top bath has long been a symbol of status, although these days they can be picked up for a fraction of the price that they once were. The trend for 2017, however, will be to give that statement centre stage by plumbing your bath into the centre of the room. If you’re looking into conversions for your home this year, now is the time to do this.

Glam touches

Adding shimmer and sparkle is another key trend that’ll help create a luxury bathroom. The thing to remember here is the classic line, ‘less is more’. Subtly shimmery paint, gold tiles, plenty of mirrors and a speckled shimmer bath mat will set the tone perfectly.

Walk-in showers

Many of us admit that whilst owning a bath, we tend to use the shower for everyday washing. A walk-in shower adds a touch of luxury, and ensures there is room for two if need be! Create a walk-in wet room shower with a drain incorporated into the floor and an extra wide shower head for full dramatic effect. If the space is big enough, even consider multiple shower heads.

White serenity

White bathrooms are not going anywhere as they denote everything that, for some, a bathroom should be: clean, sterile and understated. White subways tiles, large floor tiles and the odd splash of colour or wood feature look terrific in any bathroom.

Hooked up media

Even the bathroom is no longer a haven from being wired up to the media system. Luckily we are not talking about checking your Facebook in the bath – instead, you can have built-in speakers fitted to your bathroom. Whether you have these wirelessly connected to your wifi or simply fitted to a stereo player in the next room is up to you! Some homeowners are going a step further and having a recessed television fitted above their baths. The coming year and beyond we can expect to see more and more media options incorporated into bathroom design.

Further trends include regency-style luxury bathrooms, pastel shades and botanic boutique bathrooms. If you’re planning to convert your bathroom in order to add luxury, or simply to add functionality, then consider one of these trends to stay ahead of the curve.

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