When it comes to building jobs, very few give us as much pleasure as creating the perfect family home. A house is so much more than a building to a family, it’s about having a space to be happy together, to have your own space but know your family is around you. The tricky part comes when you find that you love your home but need more space.

So we were really pleased when Mr and Mrs W approached us about adding living space to their family home in Plymouth. They wanted a single storey extension, which would allow them to create the space for a games room, utility room and garage, which in turn would free up space within their existing house and let them make better use of the rooms they already have.

While garages aren’t often used for storing cars now, they are the ideal place for things that you need regularly and want to be able to get to without any hassle: bikes and roof boxes are great examples. We talked with them about how they thought they would use the new areas, and how best we could get them to flow naturally from their existing property.

We were delighted therefore when Mr & Mrs W liked what we had suggested and decided to go ahead with the plans. All the work will be carried out by RF Builders. This project is still being built at the moment, but we look forward to bringing you an update, as well as pictures of the finished build.